About Us

Divorce Packet Processing owner Linda Seger has the experience you need during this trying time. She has been handling divorces in Tucson and Southern Arizona for over 30 years and is thoroughly familiar with the laws and procedures regarding Arizona divorce.

Linda is an Arizona native and a graduate of the University of Arizona. She has a degree as a legal assistant, with a specialty in family law. After working for attorneys, she lobbied for Arizona to be one of the first states to allow non-lawyers to provide legal assistance to the public. She was one of 4 people chosen by the Arizona Supreme Court to draft the rules that now govern legal document preparers. She continues to champion for consumer rights in the area of divorce and regularly attends seminars, most recently the November 2016 Advanced Family Law seminar, by the State Bar of Arizona.

Linda is the mother of two grown children and has been divorced herself, so she understands what you are going through. (She is now happily remarried. Yes, it can happen!)

The staff at Divorce Packet Processing is professional, friendly and caring. They will make you feel comfortable during what can be an uncomfortable time.