Most divorces are under $300 (excluding court fees). However, as divorce isn't "one-size-fits-all", the cost will depend on what 's involved - children, property, etc. But unlike other companies who may show a low fee online or tell you one thing when you call, but then end up charging more when you actually do the papers, when you call our office you'll speak immediately with a certified preparer who will review YOUR case and tell you EXACTLY what YOUR divorce will cost. No misleading fee charts, no hidden costs, no bait & switch.

Plus we give you more for your money. In addition to our experience and exceptional record, we provide preparation while-u-wait, mobile & online options, and documents custom to your needs. And we're local, so we'll do all of the legwork! Also, instead of being shuffled from clerk to clerk, anytime you call (even nights & weekends), you'll speak with the owner, a certified preparer. Divorce can be confusing and we want to be there for you. For any questions you have about your papers or the process.

We understand divorce can be expensive. And you want to spend your money wisely. But if you shop around, we are confident you'll see we give you the most for your money.

Payment plans available. All major credit cards accepted