Arizona Divorce Laws Change, Court Forms Don’t

how to file for divorce in Arizona

While the laws regarding children in divorce changed January 2013, the Pima County Superior Court website has yet to update its self-help forms. Also, the court’s forms make no mention of additional fees charged for joint legal decision making (formerly joint custody). And just this week (week ending April 7) the court began charging this fee when the Respondent is awarded sole legal decision making (formerly sole custody). These fees can exceed $200 “which for many of us is a lot of money. And knowing about these fees ahead of time could effect the terms one may use in their divorce. But, again, unless you go to an informed legal document preparer and know which terms to use to possibly avoid these fees (as most attorneys aren’t even aware of this, most handling contested/litigated matters), you will be charged these fees when you appear in court to finalize your divorce and by then it may be too late to change the terms of your divorce. We are presently working with the court to have these fees listed so people aren’t caught off guard (or even better, to stop charging them altogether), but so far the court doesn’t seem concerned about, what is to them, a measly $200. Will keep you posted on this blog!


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