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Legal decision making is obviously who makes the legal decisions for the children. But regardless of who that is, generally both parents will be involved in the children’s lives and be able to make routine decisions when the children are with them, along with emergency decisions. And as to major decisions, those things generally have to be discussed by both parents. The courts require a parenting plan that details all of these things, from what happens if they can’t agree (where one parent may have the final say) down to the methods of communication (phone or text?) and how transportation will occur and where (your place or mine?). And of course, a detailed schedule about holidays and vacations.

Many think its crazy and don’t want to bother with all the detail, but there are many things the court requires be in the papers. And only someone familiar with the laws and what each county tends to prefer can tell you what you must include and what you might be able to skip over.

We have all sorts of paragraphs you can pick and choose from that deal with most every scenario. (Don’t want your spouse to smoke or drink when with the kids? We have it. Don’t want them to take them out of the country? We have it. Want to make sure you can take them to see your parents at Christmas? We have it.) We’ve seen it all in nearly 30 years in family law. But if you have a situation you want to address and we don’t have a paragraph about it, tell us what you want. And we’ll put it in!

Divorce isn’t one-size fits all. Nor should parenting plans be


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